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Feb 21, 2021

Managing emergency vehicle fleets has been a pain point for every industry that works around them. From fire stations and ambulance services to police emergency vehicles, the need for efficient real-time management is omni-present across a range of different industries and use cases.

Emergency Vehicle Management System Application is a web application that is intended to solve the issues associated with timely management of emergency vehicles. It is a smart solution that makes it possible for the admin to check the availability of vehicles and dispatch them on the most optimized route in real-time so as to save the mishappenings accounting to delayed response.

There are a number of features that we have added in the application to make this possible. Here’ a peek into a few of them:

  • A. The individual public authority bodies can register their vehicles in the application
  • B. After receiving a service requirement from the needy, they can check availability of the vehicles on ground and assign them the task. The admin is also given the ability to connect with the drivers if there is a message that has to be given to them through the mode of video call, voice call, and chat facility present inside the application.
  • C. To expedite the service accessibility speed, keeping the bad road conditions into consideration, the drivers are given the feature to request a route change, which the admin can then assess and approve/reject. Upon approval or rejection, the route gets locked in the system and not assigned to a driver for a timeframe of 10 days.
  • D. What makes our application truly smart and unique from all the other vehicle management systems operative in the market today is that it automatically suggests routes on the basis of the vehicle size. Example, if vehicle A is a truck, the application will show a route which makes it possible for big vehicles to go through without any blockages. This is one of the revolutionary ways Emergency Vehicle Management System Application uses the Google Maps integration for optimal route optimization.

How Can the Emergency Vehicle Management System Application Benefit the Public Authorities?

Besides making it possible for help to reach the needy in real-time and enabling the public authorities optimize their crucial pain point, the application is beneficial for the authorities in several other ways. A few of them are:

  • ● The public authorities don’t have to worry about the software upkeep and maintenance, they can concentrate on offering timely services while we handle the software part.
  • ● Through our smart google maps integration, drivers can reach the destination through the most optimized routes without facing any roadblocks.