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The Top UI/UX Trends That Would Rule 2020

Feb 21, 2021

The ever changing growth in the technology ecosystem has a direct impact on the mobile application design rules.

Everytime a new technology or feature set is introduced in the app market, the way of presenting them also changes through the application design.

Now, we understand how keeping up with the design changes can be a hectic task for an app entrepreneur. To solve the need for you to be updated in real-time, our team of designers have enlisted the top mobile app design trends that would rule 2020.

  • A.
    Illustrations have been a part of the design system for a very long time now and yet the changes that are constantly made in the guidelines continue to impress us. Apart from being the attention grabbers of any application, they are something that helps us add a human touch in the product design.
  • B.
    For a UI/UX to be called good, it has become important to have microinteraction elements which blend together in a seemingly natural manner and help users perform small yet impactful tasks like post likes, dislikes, and sharing.
  • C.
    3D Graphics
    3D graphics enables businesses to present their services and products in an interactive manner. For example, a 3D graphic render can be viewed in even 369 degrees, which can help improve the product's UX.

    In 2020, we are hoping to see a number of brands, especially in retail domain, using 3D models for presenting their products or services in a way that emulates the actual world.

  • E.
    AR/VR has been itself to be a part of the technological trends for a long time now. 2020 is the year when designing for these virtual life projects would come in trend. Revolving around 360 degrees designing, it would be one of the most asked for designing skillset of the coming time.
  • D.
    Split Screen Design
    2020 will be all about split screen. With foldable devices becoming the new norm, applications will start working in a split screen mode. In order to accomodate this, the app owners will have to design two versions of their apps - main and split screen version.

So here were the 5 trends that we would be focusing on this year. In the design domain, however, you should be prepared for constant changes. What we recommend is frequent app updates on the grounds of redesigning.

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