About Us

About ARK Newtech Services :-

In order to provide top-notch recruitment and HR services, we are connected to numerous industry-specific strategies. We provide a global online advising and consultation platform for all the main cities. ARK helps the business by assisting in the acquisition of temporary and permanent workers, boosting productivity & lowering employment costs by bringing in the proper blend of skills from its decades of experience as a top recruitment firm in both IT and Non-IT sectors. We utilize our brands and offerings to serve big & small businesses in all industry areas. With the aid of various employment openings, we aid in career opportunities.

We take pleasure in having the best staff of recruiters who can give your company the right personnel within 24 hours. We offer services for corporate training, graphic design & development, consultancy, full time hiring & contractual staffing and job placement. We have an advantage over our rivals because of our extensive experience in HR consulting and recruitment. We can offer excellent recruitment services to various industries with experience in a variety of verticals.