Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In order to ensure that the client's exacting needs in terms of technical skills and experience were met, Ark Newteck, as a recruitment business, shown outstanding perseverance. By taking the company's affordability and suitable conditions into consideration, we advise focused and self-driven candidates.


Mid Level Hiring

Ark Newteck Recruiter helps businesses fill mid-level positions by identifying possible applicants who have the aptitude and talent to take on challenges and assume greater responsibility in the future. Such committed and effective leaders would put the businesses in a competitive advantage.

To meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries for middle-level employees, we offer specialised staffing services. The committed staff of us  is actively and persistently looking for qualified people.


Senior Level Hiring

We are aware that for a firm to succeed, recruiting a high level management team is absolutely essential. CEO, CFO, or any other executive director is often responsible for the company's growth. As a result, we take the following crucial measures to reduce the possibility of selecting employees who are not qualified for the open positions:


  • We look at the financial data and the company's strategic planning as it relates to the employment process.
  • We invite potential candidates to provide specifics about their prior employment.
  • Following a few rounds of interviewing, the candidate is requested to create his or her powerful ideas for the first six months of his or her new position.
  • When the hiring process is complete, we provide the candidate the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview.


The individuals, businesses, and India's competitive job market are all well known to our staff at Ark Newtech. Our team's objective is to help employers locate the best prospects by guiding candidates through an information-driven process and using technology.