Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is the tools, tactics, and procedures that provide the information needed to make wise decisions—is essential for effective executive recruitment. In a competitive job market that makes it challenging to find the best, most skilled leaders, this intelligence is priceless.


Impact of market intelligence in hiring:


The two issues are probably related if your organisation doesn't do thorough market intelligence gathering and consistently has trouble filling positions. This holds true regardless of whether the problem is finding people in the first place or keeping them after they start working in their new position.

We look at many applications of market information used by profitable businesses.

We seek out relevant information.

You can't go into a recruitment process blindly if you want it to be successful. To develop a knowledge of the current situation, you need the appropriate information. You can then develop and put into action an appropriate strategy.


An organisation gains the advantage over any rivals who do not admit or accept the necessity to do so by accepting this reality and allocating the financial and human resources necessary to take the necessary action.


We grasp market trends and developments

The introduction of new goods and services, the public onboarding and offboarding of high-value clients, the opening and closing of offices—all these occurrences offer hints about the constantly evolving state of play in a sector.


Also, they allude to a prospective transfer of talent across organisations. Understanding and utilising such trends is essential for efficient executive recruitment.


We produce thorough talent maps.

A rich map of potential applicants within and outside the sector must be built and maintained, and connections must be cultivated with them. Recruiting requires more than just posting a job description and waiting for applications to flood in.


Both internal and external recruiters for an organisation should try to build a network of these connections. Consequently, when a position opens up, a current talent map offers a strong foundation for commencing the hiring process. By drawing on a network of people whose abilities, objectives, and levels of job satisfaction you are familiar with, a lot of the guesswork is eliminated, and you can jump right to the useful conversations.

We are highly skilled in using market intelligence to improve your market positioning. With the help of our Strategic Market Insights service, you can strengthen your USPs to draw in talent and gain knowledge about how to compete more successfully in your industry.


In order to ensure a strong strategic approach rather than an ineffective piecemeal one, we also offer talent attraction and talent retention strategy evaluations.